Drug Test Cups

Drug test cups combine the collection cup and the drug test strips to make point of care testing simple, efficient and sanitary.

The reagents are arrayed around the outside of the cup so after collection the technician can screw the lid back on, wait a few minutes and read the results without opening the cup.

Advantages to Drug Test Cups

  • Sanitary
  • Save money by combining 2 products
  • Samples can be easily sealed for confirmation
  • More robust than cassettes
  • Seals bodily fluids in
  • Efficient
  • Harder to tamper with or switch

Testing is much more efficient. A subject catches their urine sample in the cup, screws the lid on and presents it to the technician. With a different type of drug test the technician may have to catch the sample, carefully bring it to a work area, use a device to take some of the sample out and then add it to an assay on a separate test. During the whole process a container of urine is sitting open and there are a minimum of 3 instruments in use.

Using a cup or other self contained test is especially useful for healthcare facilities, rehabilitation facilities and probation offices where subjects are tested on site and a percentage of tests are sealed and sent to a laboratory for confirmation.

Our cups have up to 12 testing panels, meet CLIA waiver requirements and have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


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