Wholesale Drug Tests

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  • 12 Panel Drug Test cup panels

    12 Panel Drug Test Cup

    Sale! From $2.70
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  • Fentanyl urine drug test FYL

    FYL (Fentanyl) Urine Drug Test Strip

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  • Alcohol Urine Drug Test | ETG

    Alcohol Urine Test (ETG) Strip

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  • T Square 5 Panel Drug Test

    5 Panel Saliva Drug Test T-Square Oral w/ Indicator

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  • 14 Panel Drug Test Cup

    T-CUP 14 Panel Urine Drug Test w/ Fentanyl & Alcohol (TDOA-8145EF)

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  • Kratom Drug Test

    Kratom (KRA) Single Use Urine Drug Test Strip

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  • T Square 5 Panel Drug Test

    12 Panel Saliva Drug Test T-Square Oral w/indicator

    From $4.99
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  • Saliva Drug Test with Indicator

    10 Panel Saliva Drug Test T-Square w/ Indicator

    From $4.49
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  • Benzodiazepine Drug Test

    Benzodiazepine (BZO) Drug Test Urine Single Use Dip Card

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Showing all 9 results

Wholesale Drug Tests with exceptional customer service is our specialty at Drug Test City. Point of care testing can either be used to replace testing outsourced to a lab or used in conjunction to develop a comprehensive testing program.

For employers wholesale drug tests are used to increase productivity, lower on the job accident rates, safeguard clients and avoid bad publicity.

Healthcare facilities need to quickly identify drug use as part of patient care.

Drug rehabilitation programs use them for definitive proof whether their clients have abstained from drug use or not.

The consequences of testing can be severe so it is important for customers to have access to tests that are accurate, customers service that can help guide them and consistent availability.

We are capable of selling our drug tests at more affordable prices because we have close relationships with manufacturers and import our own brands. By keeping large quantities in stock we are able to offer higher quality drug tests for lower prices.

We have the lowest retail prices in the United States, and our tests are of equal or superior to any of our competitor’s products. You can find urine and oral fluid drug tests here in a variety of configurations.

We have always felt that it was important to offer fair pricing for these vital industries. You can see we also have the lowest cost diabetic supplies in the whole country. Our drug tests may be affordable, but the quality is extremely high and each configuration has obtained the highest rating possible through CLIA, the FDA and other federal entities.