About Us

Drug Test City is dedicated to servicing companies that are located in the United States with the most affordable bulk drug tests available. We started by selecting the most knowledgeable and extraordinary individuals in the industry and built from the ground up to make sure that we could consistently deliver the drug tests you need and provide support that is unmatched by our competitors. We have been selling  bulk 12 panel drug tests for over 3 years, and only recently decided that since we know how to do it better that we were going to do it better.

  • Starting with manufacturer selection, the performance of our tests have been closely examined by our team in a clinical setting for several years prior to the first sale. 
  • We made sure to adopt the most comprehensive government approval and documentation guidelines possible.
  • Our support team has lots of experience meeting special needs of clients across a spectrum of industries and applications. You can see some of the expertise we draw on showcased on our blog.

We know you can buy your drug tests from anyone; that’s why we work every day to improve our service and price. 

Superior Drug Tests

Most value drug tests developed for bulk sale are the same. You will see comparable failure rates of the strips, almost identical cup designs and the same drug testing strips on the cup.

The biggest reason why is that there are only a handful of manufacturers that complete the FDA screening and inspection for using tests in the United States. You can add certain features like a key or adulterant strips but the price increase substantially and the usefulness of these features are minimal when you witness and perform the testing correctly.

Drug Test City looked at all the specifications and identified a few key improvements that make our tests easier to read, but only added minimal cost. The fact is that you cannot find a better product at a better price than ours online.

Superior Customer Service

Our senior team members handle all customer relations. Everyone you speak with is an expert on every facet of point of care drug testing as well as our own operations.

We set up operations to handle a lot of the busy work for us so we can concentrate on servicing our customers. Every customer is provided with a direct line to our senior officer so any problems get resolved quickly because you are never passed down to an employee that doesn’t have the authorization to do the things you need.

The best part is this access is 24/7, as long as the President is awake you can reach him by cell. Simply request urgent contact information after placing your first order. 

We Solve Your Problems

Drug Test City doesn’t just sell bulk drug tests; we are a solution to your drug testing needs. By focusing on this one aspect of your business we will have stock when others run out, we are familiar with the laws and policies that govern your operation, we will only be focusing on expanding to product lines that help address this facet of your business.

We don’t drop ship, what you buy ships from our warehouse. Many companies end up creating problems by drop shipping, chasing profits across the industry, constantly harassing customers through email. If your current supplier isn’t focused on being a solution, they might end up being a problem.


We are located in Eastern Kentucky and have a very small staff at this time. With your help we intend to grow in a way that keeps customer focus first. A good drug test supplier solves your problems, Drug Test City makes you forget you ever had any.

We are constantly refining our website to be the most secure and fastest website to order bulk drug tests from. Features are carefully chosen based on customer need. These features include

  • SSL Certificate
  • Tiered Pricing Table
  • Employee Certification Testing
  • Comprehensive educational resources
  • User Account Access
  • Advanced Security

We try and give the best and most up to date information in our blog. All of our employees can quote statistics from memory and educate for hours about drug testing, but we still try to check and source the information we publish from reputable organizations. If you ever find information that you believe is not correct, any typos or misspelled words, dead links etc. please Contact Us and let us know about it

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