About Us

Drug Test City is dedicated to servicing companies that are located in the United States with the most affordable bulk drug test cups available. We have been selling  bulk 12 panel drug tests for over 3 years.

World Class Service

Drug Test City Reviews

Drug Test City is the highest rated medical supply company on Shopper Approved. Our 4.9 rating is a source of pride for our team, and we do everything we can to maintain it. 

We automated as many tasks as possible so we can concentrate on servicing our customers. Every customer is provided with a direct line to our senior officer so problems get resolved quickly. You can be confident that the person you are speaking with knows how to and has the authority to address any drug testing problem you may have. 

Our senior team is available during all waking hours in the United States. Simply request urgent contact information after placing your first order. 

Fastest Drug Test Shipping

Our customers usually plan ahead, but they know that their orders will get there faster when they use Drug Test City. Drug Test City ships products in half the time of the average Ecommerce store. Most orders ship the same day, and will arrive in 2-3 days with standard shipping. 

Fastest Drug Test Shipping

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you’re not satisfied with your purchase simply notify our team within 30 days and return it to us for a full refund. We guarantee ALL drug tests to be free from defects. If your order has faulty drug tests we encourage you to document the issues and contact us immediately for replacements. Please read our return policy for more information.


We Solve Your Problems

Drug Test City doesn’t just sell drug test cups; we are a solution to your drug testing needs. By focusing on this one aspect of your business we will have stock when others run out, we are familiar with the laws and policies that govern your operation, and we only focus on this one thing to make sure our service never suffers.

Many companies end up creating problems by drop shipping, chasing profits across the industry, constantly harassing customers through email. If your current supplier isn’t focused on being a solution, they might end up being a problem.


We are located in Eastern Kentucky and have a very small staff at this time. With your help we intend to grow in a way that keeps customer focus first. A good drug test supplier solves your problems, Drug Test City makes you forget you ever had any.

We Protect Your Information

Customer card information is not stored on our website. We are constantly refining our website to be the most secure and fastest website to order drug test cups from. Features are carefully chosen based on customer need. These features include:

  • SSL Certificate
  • Tiered Pricing Table
  • Comprehensive educational resources
  • User Account Access
  • Advanced Security

Now you know about us, tell us something about you! Contact Us and tell us about your Drug Testing needs.