Pineville Ky, December 31 2019 An Arjay resident, Julie Miller, was arrested on Monday December 30th for attempting to deceive a urine drug screen by substituting her pet dog’s urine for her own. Pineville KY Officer Michael Smith was called to the scene by Miller’s Parole Officer who had caught her sneaking in a sample of urine. During questioning on scene Miller admitted to Officer Smith that the urine sample was not hers, that is

Employee Drug Testing Guide

Posted by Drug Test City on  November 7, 2019

Category: Drug Testing
Use our employee drug testing guide to help inform your policies and procedures when testing new hires and completing random drug testing in house. Procedure Donor provides urine specimen in the cup and screws the cap on. Operator checks the cap for tightness, starts timer Remove peel off label Check temperature strip on back. A green color will appear to indicate the temperature, proper range is 90°-100°F At 5 minutes read the results. Presence or
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