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How Much Water Will Dilute a Drug Test?

Posted on June 17, 2020
Category: Drug Testing
How much water it takes to pass a drug test depends on several variables. These include the test type, cutoff levels, amount of drug consumption, your personal creatinine levels, and the length of testing window. It is possible to dilute urine enough to pass a drug test in some circumstances. However, quality standards and adulteration detection make it difficult for a subject to drink enough water to pass, but not too much so a determination
David J Russo Greene County District Attorney
The Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled that child protection officials may not order drug tests as part of a child abuse investigation on Tuesday, June 16th. The Justices sided with prosecutor David J. Russo who had recently come under fire from CPS agents. Greene county received a confidential tip that David Russo was seen publicly intoxicated while caring for five children and that he had been charged with spousal abuse. The Greene County child protective service
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What Drugs to Test Employees For

Posted on June 16, 2020
Category: Drug Testing
As a business owner it can be hard to decide what drugs to test employees for. Different regions have different drug problems and considerations, but there may be a one size fits all solution. When deciding what drugs to test employees for you should consider these factors: What drugs are popular in the area of operation? Are any drugs popular in your industry? Which drugs have the most potential to negatively affect your business? Which
drug test results come back positive
You were given a drug test recently and when the results came back you were positive for one or more drugs. You may have suspected you would fail, or in rare cases it’s a total surprise. What should you expect and what should you do when your drug test results come back positive? Don’t Freak Out When Your Drug Test Results Come Back Positive A positive drug test is not the end of the world.
False Negative Drug Test Result

What is a False Negative on a Drug Test?

Posted on June 8, 2020
Category: Drug Testing
Most people are familiar with false positives on drug tests, but are unaware of false negatives. What is a false negative on a drug test, what can you do to prevent them and what should you do if you identify one? What is a False Negative Drug Test? A false negative is any time that under normal circumstances a drug test would be positive for an individual but for some reason results are negative. An
False Positive drug test

What is a False Positive on a Drug Test?

Posted on June 5, 2020
Category: Drug Testing
When people fail drug tests they often claim that it was faulty or there is some mistake. In most cases this is a ruse and the individual is dirty, but false positives on drug tests are real and many innocent patients have failed a drug test only to be vindicated later on by a confirmation. So what exactly is a false positive on a drug test and when is it just another attempt at subverting
Can a Drug Test Detect Gender

Can Drug Tests Detect Gender?

Posted on June 4, 2020
Category: Drug Testing
We’ve all heard the stories of a man bringing his wife’s urine to cheat on a drug test and when he asks the doctor about his results the doctor responds “well you’re clean on drugs, but did you know you were pregnant?”. Can drug tests detect gender, or is this an urban legend that is an entertainment trope? Can Drug Tests Detect Gender? This is actually a complicated question with many aspects. In the simplest
Drug Test at probation office
Drug testing parolees and probationers is one of the most complex and specialized instances of drug testing. The consequences are high and the subjects are very clever when it comes to tampering. Probationer officers and parolees alike often want to know which drug test probation offices use. Which drug tests do most probation offices use? The 12 Panel Clia Waived drug test is by far the most common test used by probation offices across the