T-Dip FYL (Fentanyl) Urine Drug Test Dip Card Box of 25


Current Product Expiration Fentanyl Urine Drug Test: July 2023

  • Cutoff: 10 ng/ml
  • Reliability : ≈ 99%
  • Results : <5 minutes
  • Detection Period : 2-3 Days
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  • Forensic Use Only

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The T-Dip single panel Fentanyl urine drug test (FTY) provides quick and accurate results. Cutoff is 10 ng/ml. This test is for forensic use only and not CLIA waived. Box of 25.

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Current Product Expiration: July 2023

  • Cutoff: 10 ng/ml
  • Qualitative Test is Pass or Fail
  • SKU: WFTY-114
  • Type : Urine drug test
  • Reliability : ≈ 99%
  • Results : <5 minutes
  • Detection Period : 2-3 Days
  • Packaging : Box of 25
  • Forensic Use Only

We suggest pairing FTY fentanyl single panel dip with our 12 Panel Drug Test Cup. You can then do the 12 panel test and once the results are checked insert the fentanyl test into the sample.


The correct way to use our fentanyl urine drug test (FTY) is to collect the sample following our specimen collection guidelines, verify the results, and follow up any positive result with a confirmation from a lab. If the test results have a chance of being used as evidence in a legal proceeding it is important to document the chain of custody and obtain a confirmation from a certified lab. This test is not CLIA waived. and should be used for forensic use only, or by trained professionals in a lab that is certified to complete high complexity testing.


  1. Donor provides urine specimen in a sanitary container.
  2. Operator inserts test strip and starts timer
  3. At 5 minutes read the results. Presence or absence of drugs is indicated by the colored bands in the results area.
12 panel drug test results lines
The 3 results of a test strip: negative, positive and invalid.

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