Drug Tests Near Me: Comprehensive Guide and Testing Lab Directory

Looking for drug tests near you? There are thousands of drug testing locations all across the United States. Chances are there is a drug testing center, laboratory or pharmacy near you where you can arrange a drug test.

An on-site test center, mobile drug test, and laboratory will conduct and observe sample collection. A pharmacy drug test is self administered and can only be used for forensic purposes.

Pharmacy drug tests and on-site testing centers can provide results the same day. A laboratory can process results in the same day, but usually take a few days due to a backlog of requests.

Types of Drug Tests

There are several types of drug tests. A pharmacy or on site drug testing center near you may sell point-of-care tests for urine, saliva, or sweat. These tests are qualitative and presumptive. They do not determine the levels of each drug in the sample.

Multi-drug tests come in several dozen different configurations. They can contain anywhere between 1 and 16 panels, and can be specified to test for adulterants.

A certified laboratory can use instant drug tests, but they are more likely to use a quantitative drug test that can measure the levels of each drug as well as several biomarkers in the sample. This is achieved through a gas chromatography/mass spectrometry test.

How to Find Drug Tests Near You

Drug tests can be purchased locally in three different ways.

  1. From a consumer pharmacy or medical supply store
  2. From an on site testing center
  3. From a laboratory that specializes in testing

Alternative Options to Drug Tests Near You

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Directory of Drug Tests Near You

Sometimes our customers are in a hurry and need testing the same day. We offer overnight shipping by request, but if you need drug testing today, we have compiled a list of drug test providers from all 50 states. If you get a location from our list, tell them Drug Test City sent you!